Until now there has not been a collective way for all the people to participate and contribute to the future.

That has changed.

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is the community-wide foundation that provides a way to pool our resources, large and small, in order to give back, to make a lasting difference, and to improve life for generations. We have options for the full spectrum of donors, from those who want to give to a general community fund to those who want to choose what charities benefit from their gifts.

Trusted, committed change makers


Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is fueled by the passion of a group of Northern Kentucky business and civic leaders who know how to get things done. Together and independently, each has helped shape the past and future of our community and have dedicated their work and lives to making Northern Kentucky an extraordinary place to live and work. Our Trustees are committed to maximizing deliverable funds to recipients in our community and minimizing overhead through an efficient and effective organization.