Community Impact Fund

Invest in Northern Kentucky, now and in the future

The Community Impact Fund connects our community to needs across the region, and uses collective giving as a way to break the cycle of poverty, support the arts, enhance education, and build a successful future for Northern Kentucky.

When you invest in our community fund, you are making a charitable gift that addresses the challenges of Northern Kentucky as they evolve, including needs that are not anticipated at the time the gift is made. Community funds are the most flexible type of fund, and they empower our council of trustees to apply their judgment in assessing our community’s needs and supporting our community’s most critical endeavors. Investing in community funds supports long-term solutions, rapid response to emergencies, and our collective ability to successfully navigate changing social, cultural, educational, and environmental needs.

From young professionals to lifelong Northern Kentucky residents, the Community Impact Fund provides an opportunity for people to join together and help neighbors throughout Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties. No gift is too small to build a more vibrant community now and in the future.

For Horizon Community Funds, the appeal to me was the strategy to focus on achieving an incremental increase in the giving from the specific Northern Kentucky community. We know our neighbors are a generous lot, but they sometimes get lost in fundraising appeals that are across all of Greater Cincinnati or that are likewise tightly focused on the Commonwealth.

Creating a giving - and investing - image for just Northern Kentucky may provide the catalyst for increasing the overall dollars shared with great causes that will alter the direction of the community.
— Rich Boehne, Council of Trustees Member