Types of giving

From general funds to personalized plans, there are many ways to better the common good and benefit the entire Northern Kentucky community.


Give where you live NKY

Give Where You Live is all about empowering individuals who want to support our uncommon community.


The 410 Fund

The 410 connects the new generation of civic and charitable leadership in Northern Kentucky.


Community Accelerator

Quarterly meetings that harness the collective power of NKY individuals. Connect and engage with others to address our unique, changing community needs.


you can Help make an impact in your community


what makes us different


Our leadership has a unique understanding of the needs and possibilities for the Northern Kentucky community.

We deliver a streamlined donor experience.

We can multiply the impact of gift dollars.

We have the expertise to help people invest in the cause they care about most—regardless of location.

We are a local organization with deep roots in the community.