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Covington LAdies Home

In a quiet room on the second floor at 702 Garrard Street in Covington, if you knock on the door, you’ll hear a cheerful voice.

“Come on in!”

Ms. Mae has been living at the Covington Ladies Home in Covington for close to two years. If you ask her where she had been before she was here, you’d better be prepared for a wonderfully long, colorful story.

At 85, Mae has not slowed down a bit. For the past 15 years and even now, you can find her every single Saturday at Wendy’s in the Latonia neighborhood of Covington, smiling and welcoming you through the door.

This is Mae’s story.

What does she like about her home here?


This is Mae’s home.

Mae’s monthly rent covers everything from her comfortable, private room, to fresh-cooked meals and snacks, to music therapy and day trips, and everything in between.

The historic building she calls home sits at the end of Seventh Street in Covington. Although many buildings and structures have been re-fitted to house agencies more recently, the Covington Ladies Home was built in 1894 for the express purpose of providing a safe and welcoming environment for senior women, regardless of their economic circumstances.

Covington Ladies Home is sometimes a last resort, or a refuge for these women, but you wouldn’t know that from walking through the Home. There is a keen focus here on nurturing a lifestyle with dignity, independence, and relaxed social connectivity. While there are optional planned activities and set meal times, the whole home has a very natural flow. The women here meet and draw close in friendship. There is a buzz along the hallways during the day as they chat about what they’ve been reading, or plans for upcoming holidays.

Keeping in the mindset of offering a comfortable home, Executive Director Carrie Van Derzee and her caring staff are hoping to add space to supplement the beautiful original structure. Plans for the expansion include more private rooms with en suite bathrooms, more living space, and an enclosed courtyard. Carrie and her team rightfully realizes that there is a great need to serve more women, more of our neighbors who deserve a home in which they can continue their story.

Covington Ladies Home is building their future, and you are invited to join. Stay in touch with them on Facebook, and learn more about their path moving forward at their website.

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