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Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is grateful for the many nonprofits that support and strengthen our community. We are actively reaching out to these organizations to listen to their stories in order to share them with you. This is an ongoing project that will cover many organizations across Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties.

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Family Nurturing Center

It is a difficult topic to talk about. It is impossible to imagine how difficult it is to experience, process, and live with.

There are a number (any number is too large) of our youngest, most vulnerable neighbors who experience childhood abuse and trauma during the most important years of their growth and development.

Of course, there is no one age, or no one type of abuse or trauma to point to. Abuse is often a complex, many-layered experience for both the child and loved ones.

Taking notes from their most recent annual report, here are some of the many strategies that Family Nurturing Center uses as it works tirelessly to end the cycle of child abuse.

Victims healed: Family Nurturing Center supports the entire family through their Child Abuse Treatment Services, providing expert-led individual, family and group counseling services that focus on healing from the inside out.

Children educated: Kids on the Block uses life-sized puppets and a program based on best practices to educate children on bullying, promote sensitivity towards peers and strategies to make schools safer, and how to cope with bad situations.

Families communicate: Nurturing Parenting Programs are use family-based curricula that are proven to reduce child abuse and neglect, and improve family functioning.

Survivor support: S.O.A.R. (Survivors of Abuse Recovery) is a 12-week program serving adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse victimization.

Adults act: Stewards of Children is an evidence-based curriculum that educates adults on ways to prevent, recognize, and respond responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Relationships renewed: Family Nurturing Center’s Visitation Program provides an opportunity for children to visit with non-custodial parents in a safe, supervised setting, and builds skills needed to enhance healthy family functioning.

In addition to this list, the organization offers training, case management, and a number of other programs to help the whole family heal and build resilience, as well as educate the entire community. They plan to build more evidence-based programming into their scope, as well: art-based therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and other holistic modes of therapy.

While we usually direct the reader to the home page of the organization at this point, you might start at their testimonials page before browsing their website. Also, be sure to follow Family Nurturing Center on Twitter and Facebook.

Child abuse is real, and Family Nurturing Center equips us with the right tools to eliminate it. Now, let’s get to work.

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