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Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is grateful for the many nonprofits that support and strengthen our community. We are actively reaching out to these organizations to listen to their stories in order to share them with you. This is an ongoing project that will cover many organizations across Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties.

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Notre Dame Urban Education Center

The time between the end of the school day and bedtime for children can often be packed with activities and homework. Many students struggle to keep up, especially if the out-of-school time is not a structured environment, or an environment that is conducive to study and growth.


Each school day, approximately 60 children from the urban core of Covington and Newport arrive at 14 East 8th Street in Covington by foot, bus, and carpool to make the most of their out-of-school time before they are picked up for the evening. Sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, the Notre Dame Urban Education Center opened in 2009 to offer transformative educational programs to individuals and families from its accessible location in Covington’s urban core.


Each floor of the building focuses on one aspect of the nonprofit’s comprehensive curriculum. The main floor buzzes with academic work. Students read quietly or aloud, work on homework, and build other skills that are crucial to academic success. Here, each child is paired with a mentor or tutor, many of whom are current students at Notre Dame Academy. On the second floor, arts and enrichment activities take place. Creative work lines the walls, and the children learn about music, the arts, and culture. The lower level of the building is dedicated to recreation and creative play. Children enjoy structured indoor sports games, as well as independent play.


In addition to its focus on the young mind, Notre Dame Urban Education Center realizes that, in order to be successful, the entire family unit needs to be equipped with the right skills for life, work, and relationships. The family program at Notre Dame Urban Education Center offers early evening workshops on budgeting, meal planning, positive discipline, tax preparation, and much more for the parents and families of the young students attending the after-school program.


Notre Dame Urban Education Center values the partnerships it has with volunteers, community partners, and the schools in Northern Kentucky. The organization lives by the philosophy that it truly takes a village, and because of that, our young students are succeeding.


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