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Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is grateful for the many nonprofits that support and strengthen our community. We are actively reaching out to these organizations to listen to their stories in order to share them with you. This is an ongoing project that will cover many organizations across Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties.

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Reset Ministries

Throughout two cozy buildings in Newport, a group of men and women work toward what life could be like, holding in their hearts that the power of love can overcome the power of addiction. 


Reset Ministries is a faith-based, voluntary residential program that consists of five key components that are essential to helping men and women break the destructive patterns in their lives that lead to addictions, lost opportunities, and (re-)incarceration. Those five key components are dignified housing, employment opportunities, growth opportunities, hope for the future, and Biblical truth.


Reset Ministries is more than a sober living house. It is a community of men and women who are deeply committed to their personal development. Each resident works closely with mentors and coaches to create a plan with tangible benchmarks for success.


Residents are asked to attend services at a church of their own choosing, as well as weekly bible study, a Christ-centered 12 step program through Celebrate Recovery, and other group meetings. They are also asked to secure employment within 30 days of entering Reset Ministries, and to save at least $1,000 before they leave the program. Former resident Rodney M. reflects, “I knew it was an intensely structured program, but God kept telling me to do it, so I did. I needed God, structure, and good people to stand beside me.”


The structure has worked. In seven years of operation, the organization has served 107 residents in its limited housing units. Although residents often face the additional barrier of fines or debt, more than $76,000 has been paid off by individuals living at Reset Ministries. Additionally, 90 residents were able to secure jobs to help them break the cycle of destructive lifestyles.


To clarify, Christianity is not a requirement to enter Reset. What is asked of residents is that they at least be open to Jesus as the way to achieve radical and lasting change.


The application process itself does not entail a quick phone call and immediate transfer to an empty bed. Potential residents fill out an application and are interviewed over the phone. Reset then asks that they attend a group event so that the existing residents can meet them and have a say in who joins their tight-knit community. Reset is mindful about protecting the community and ensuring a good experience for residents, and is committed to showing them a nurturing love that many of the residents had not previously known.


There is much more to learn about Reset Ministries. Visit, and follow this small but mighty nonprofit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

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