Connect your clients to their Northern Kentucky roots.

With Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky, your clients will find a like-minded partner who is ready to help them impact the issues and organizations they care about the most. Our responsibility to this common bond of creating lasting change in Northern Kentucky drives everything we do, and to ensure that all funds are directed in the best interest of Northern Kentucky, they are overseen by a Council of Trustees who are selected for their shared values and commitment to bettering Northern Kentucky’s quality of life.

Working with the Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky

At Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky, we highly value our relationships with professional advisors. We make partnering with us easy and convenient while giving options that provide the flexibility your clients want.

We understand that each individual, family, or organization you work with has unique charitable interests and financial circumstances, so we specialize in customizing plans that help your clients successfully attain their charitable and financial goals. Your clients will not only benefit from the tax advantages of charitable giving almost immediately, but they’ll become part of a lasting legacy that is dedicated to advancing the interests of Northern Kentucky.

As the first fund of its kind created by Northern Kentuckians with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life for all citizens of our community, Horizon Community Funds has a deep understanding of the needs of Northern Kentucky. We are governed by a dedicated Council of Trustees who have a vested interest in improving this community.

7 Ways Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky can help your practice:

Horizon Community Funds allows Northern Kentucky people to contribute to many causes in a way that is truly focused on the overall development of the Northern Kentucky community. The impact that will be made by everyone who is involved in the Horizon Fund - donors, volunteers, and recipients - will shape the future of our community and truly benefit the lives of others.
— Kimberly Halbauer, Senior Vice President and Investment Advisors Executive at Fifth Third Bank, and Council of Trustees Member