Options for Giving

Horizon Community Funds has options for the full spectrum of donors, from those who want to give to a general community fund to those who want to choose what charities benefit from
their gifts.

community impact funds

Community impact Fund

Invest in Northern Kentucky, now and in the future

When you invest in our community fund, you are making a charitable gift that addresses the challenges of Northern Kentucky as they evolve, including needs that are not anticipated at the time the gift is made. Community funds are the most flexible type of fund, and they empower our council of trustees to apply their judgment in assessing our community’s needs and supporting our community’s most critical endeavors. Investing in community funds supports long-term solutions, rapid response to emergencies, and our collective ability to successfully navigate changing social, cultural, educational, and environmental needs.

donor-advised funds

donor advised Funds

Choose your charities and your timing

Donor advised funds give you ongoing involvement in the distribution of your charitable gifts. These are convenient and flexible tools for highly motivated people who are likely to be personally involved in philanthropy. This is a good option for donors that have a broad range of charitable interests, because once the fund is established, you can add to it at any time and make grants immediately or in the future.

Unlike private family or corporate foundations, donor advised funds are often less costly, easier to administer and more flexible. The tax deduction takes place up front but you can still choose your schedule for giving as your money grows tax-free. We can provide help and guidance at your request, drawing on both our knowledge and experience.


Designated Funds

designated funds

Support your favorite organizations

With a designated fund, you can directly give to one or more specific organizations and even select a specific purpose for use of the monies within the organization. This is a way to provide ongoing funding for social service agencies, arts organizations, educational institutions, or any other kind of public charity or qualified project. Once the recipient is selected, Horizon Community Funds executives manage the one-time or multi-year annual distribution of funds forever.

If the designated recipient organization ceases or changes its mission, the fund will be redirected to continue to address your philanthropic intent and preserve your interests over time. We believe this is our duty to you and your legacy.


I am honored and proud to be a part of Northern Kentucky’s growth for the past 25 years. The Horizon Community Funds allow us the opportunity to create a legacy for future generations that will ensure continued growth and development for many years to come.
— Kimberly Halbauer, Member, Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky Council of Trustees