Your partner in giving

At Horizon Community Funds, we care deeply about working to improve the quality of life in Northern Kentucky. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals for giving and develop a strategy to help you meet those goals. As specialists in local philanthropy, we can inform you about effective nonprofits, as well as key community needs and projects. We are here to support you in making strategic decisions that will ensure what you choose to give is maximized to create a positive impact in your community.

Why participate in a community fund?

Most of us have a desire to give back but want to do so in a meaningful way. Often we find ourselves confused about how to give and where – and question if it will truly make a difference. Investing through a community fund has substantial tax advantages while simultaneously providing a way for you to participate in larger scale projects to meet the social needs of the community and to change the future in a lasting way.

A community fund is a public charity under IRS regulations which offers opportunities to leverage your giving, especially in case of a “taxable event.” Contact us directly to determine what type of fund meets your unique situation, or work with us through your financial advisor to set up a giving plan that is best for you.

Top 10 reasons to give through Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky:

Horizon provides our community with a philanthropic partner who can convene, consolidate and encourage charitable giving in a tax advantaged manner. By bringing together those with a philanthropic interest we can better influence and support our growing Northern Kentucky region.
— Bob Zapp, Co-Founder and Council of Trustees Vice Chair