Your Partner for Year-End Giving Strategies

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is proud to partner with generous individuals, families, and

businesses to help raise the quality of life for all people in our Northern Kentucky community. We are

committed to supporting the vibrant and vital facets of our community – the people, the places, the cultural

institutions, and the services – that make us proud to call this our home.

As we enter the giving season, we are here to help you achieve your charitable goals by providing you with

personalized, philanthropic support. Whether you’re starting a new fund or contributing to your existing fund,

Horizon Community Funds will help you make the most impact possible.


The Tax and Jobs Act of 2017 may significantly impact how people give to charity this year, as well as the next

few years. Horizon Community Funds recommends the following giving options to maximize your charitable


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Bundling Donations.jpg
Benefits of IRA Rollover.jpg

Ready to maximize the impact of your year-end giving?

Now is a great time to add to your existing fund at Horizon Community Funds and our entire team is here to help. If you don’t already have a fund with us, starting a new charitable fund with Horizon Community Funds will help you streamline and simplify your charitable giving.

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